Hygiene Maintenance & Guarantees


The reason most people need extensive dentistry is due to some degree of long-term neglect in the first place, maybe due to inadequate cleaning, having frequent sugar in their diet, not having had timely orthodontic treatment, not replacing teeth as they were lost and maybe general lack of awareness of the toll that dental disease was taking.

We know that old habits die hard.

Nevertheless, if we do not address the reasons for our patients having had problems in the first place then they will simply happen again in time. Therefore, it is our objective is to get them into new habits and maintain them...

There will normally always be a dental hygiene program associated with treatment and indeed one year of hygiene visits is normally included in treatment fees to encourage patients to get into good habits.

It is imperative that all dental work is maintained as well as natural teeth and kept immaculately clean as advised by our hygienist. I strongly advise that all of my patients attend a maintenance programme with my hygienist at least every three months and sometimes even monthly if maintenance of oral hygiene is particularly difficult or of critical importance in patients that are susceptible to gum disease.

This is the foundation of long-term success.

There is a direct correlation between patients who neglect their hygiene visits and the numbers of problems they develop in the years following treatment.

I reserve the right to withdraw guarantees from work if oral hygiene maintenance standards are inadequate or the recommended hygienist attendance appointments are not adhered to.

The better oral health is maintained, the longer the teeth or implants supporting dental work will last. It is our aim to provide a consistent support service year on year, supplementing your routine dental care with your own dentist where appropriate.

Referring colleagues are of course welcome to take over hygiene services for their own patients with their own hygienists and I am happy to recommend or prescribe a hygiene program at the end of a course of treatment.

I will always arrange to see referral patients at six months, one year and then yearly following treatment completion to audit my work and ensure that the treatment results are stable.





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