Adults, as well as children, need no longer tolerate crooked teeth and uneven smile. Previously the use of braces was associated with children. However age need not be a barrier to this type of treatment and indeed more and more adults are now able to afford treatment they may have needed as children.

Braces improve your smile by gently pushing teeth into correct alignment. Recent advances in the field enable adults and children to benefit from removable or fixed braces or a combination. State-of-the-art orthodontics uses “lingual” braces (those placed behind the teeth on the inside where they are not visible).

As well as dramatically improving the appearance of your smile, orthodontics to align teeth correctly may help to:

  • prevent future gum disease by allowing easier cleaning,
  • reducing uneven tooth wear and associated breakages
  • encouraging correct biting function by aligning the teeth into their correct positions.
  • reducing damage to teeth by moving them instead of veneering or crowning them to improve their appearance. Indeed with good orthodontics followed by some whitening, many “ veneer cases “ are resolved with no tooth damage required.

Orthodontics is an integral part of advanced, modern full dental rehabilitation. This is true to the extent where it would be negligent of us to offer "straightening" treatment for misaligned teeth using more destructive methods such as crowns or veneers if orthodontics can be used to move teeth instead.

I work closely with:

Dr Neville Bass and Dr Anton Bass at Bass Orthodontics

Dr Asif Chatoo at the London Lingual Orthodontic Clinic

Dr Moira Wong at Moira Wong Orthodontics

Orthodontic Mini-Implants for anchorage

I also provide a service for the placement of orthodontic mini implants for orthodontic anchorage at the request of your regular orthodontist. These mini implants allow orthodontists to move teeth by pulling against these temporary solid anchors which can be removed at the end of treatment, speeding up treatment and allowing improved control.


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