Dental Implant Surgery

We carry out virtually all my dental implant surgery under local anaesthetic with optional IV dental sedation provided by one of our team of dedicated anaesthetists with who we have worked for nearly 2 decades.

Placement of a dental implant is usually straightforward. We maximise success by ensuring that the mouth is clean, all disease has been controlled and by using meticulous surgical technique to reduce the risk of contamination of the surgery area.

Areas where bone is deficient may need to be augmented at the time of implant placement or as a separate procedure beforehand if deemed necessary at the planning stage. Please see our Bone Augmentation Services page.

Following scanning, the CT stent can be used as a guide during implant surgery, or customised stereolithographic rapid prototyping models of the jaws can be made based on the SimPlant plan.

We provide full preoperative and post-operative care and we will inform you at the start of treatment about details as to what to expect from your particular procedure.

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