CT scanning and SimPlant analysis

All of our CT scans are now carried out using lower dose targeted cone beam computerised tomography machines (CBCT) by our practice partners:

The raw image data are then processed and reformatted by IDT (Image Diagnositic Technology) for use on a dedicated planning program called SimPlant

The final scan data allows me to

  • Visualise the 3-D anatomy of your jaws,
  • Relate the existing bone to the desired positions of the final teeth,
  • See bone quality and quantity,
  • Decide on the volume of any additional bone augmentation required,
  • Virtually place the correct implant sizes and abutments in three dimensions using dedicated 3-dimensional models of existing implant components
  • Manufacture surgical guides for ensuring that implant placement matches the planned positions

Lack of such planning can lead to failure of treatment, ranging from aesthetic compromises to risk of damage to vital structures such as nerves and adjacent teeth unless carried out meticulously.

 We do things properly.


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