New Patient Consultation

Your first visit is a normally a one-hour appointment. It enables you to meet the team, experience the environment of the practice and allows time and privacy for you to tell your dental surgeon exactly what you expect. They will then make some detailed initial observations and give you a broad idea of what your treatment may entail.

The first visit will normally cover the following:

  • Consultation and discussing your medical and dental history which we will have gone over in detail in the 48 hours before your appointment - PLEASE ENSURE THAT WE RECEIVE THIS COMPLETED FORM AT LEAST 48 HOURS PRIOR TO YOUR APPOINTMENT
  • Examination of your face, head and neck for signs or symptoms of anything abnormal (e.g. symmetry, lumps, musculature and jaw function, skin lesions, lymph glands)
  • Examination of the tissues inside of your mouth for signs of symptoms of anything abnormal (including a check for various conditions that may affect the tissues of your mouth including mouth cancer).
  • A standard set of clinical photographs of your current condition and existing dental work. These will include full face. These photographs are an indispensable record and are taken in all cases as part of your clinical record.. Their usage will be controlled based on your level of consent as indicated on your New Patient Medical History and Questionnaire online form.
  • A basic periodontal (gum) charting to diagnose any disease where appropriate - if your gum disease is advanced then a separate visit with our periodontist will normally be arranged 
  • X-rays as indicated. We do appreciate that some patients will bring existing x-rays with them but we will still normally need to take up-to-date standard views using digital x-ray equipment if we have any doubts about the diagnostic quality or relevance of older x-rays to your current condition. This is a medico-legal requirement and I do appreciate your co-operation when this is required.
  • We may also take impressions of your teeth for study with your consent if indicated, especially if multiple teeth are missing or you have a disrupted bite. These do incur a fee in addition to the consultation appointment but may be required for completeness of initial records in preparation for future planning.

You will receive a broad summary of our findings in a preliminary report with an indication of the likely scope of any treatment required 

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