Composite (white or tooth coloured) fillings

Teeth damaged by decay, breakage or previous dental work can now be restored to their former natural beauty. Combinations of modern tooth coloured materials can be strongly bonded to the remaining tooth structure and are available in a wide range of subtly different shades, tones and translucencies. These can be customised to match your existing teeth, or designed from scratch to improve your appearance and smile.

Old discoloured or silver fillings can be removed and replaced with modern composite materials. Not only are these materials beautiful in the way they react with light like natural teeth, but they strengthen remaining tooth structure allowing preservation of damaged teeth.

Teeth damaged by decay and previous fillings are meticulously prepared to limit further damage and restored with adhesive white filling materials carefully in layers to maximise both functional performance and aesthetics.

Air abrasion (sandblasting) with Prepstart is used to limit use of the drill and provide clean, stress-free and noiseless tooth preparation, leaving a perfect surface for the maximum adhesion of the new filling.

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