Sedation is the use of various drugs to reduce anxiety, facilitate treatment and allows nervous patients to undergo long periods of treatment without being aware of time passing.

We provide two types of sedation:

Oral sedation: This consists of tablets or liquid that is swallowed before the appointment and has a duration of action of between 1 to 2 hours. This can be useful for patients who are mildly apprehensive of treatment but require only short visits.

Intravenous sedation: This is the use of medication that is administered intravenously by a dedicated anaesthetist who will be present throughout your appointment to monitor your level of sedation and your general well-being during longer procedures. Patients requiring extensive dental work that can sometimes last most of the day or are particularly nervous will benefit greatly from this invaluable adjunct to quality care.

We have close links with several anaesthetists to ensure that we are as flexible as possible in ensuring availability when you require it. Our esteemed, dedicated and hugely experienced dental anaesthetist colleagues Dr Andre du Plessis, Dr Yusof (Joe) Omar, Dr Nico van Vuuren, Dr David White and Dr Sonia George have provided dedicated professional support to literally thousands of patients in London for many years. If you would like to have sedation, we will liaise with all parties to arrange mutually convenient dates for treatment.

Detailed instructions will be given to you before the use of sedation by the respective anaesthetist and it will be necessary for you to arrange for somebody to collect you at the end of your treatment session to accompany you home and look after you until the following day.

Please see for more details on what dental sedation has to offer and advice sheets and information leaflets on dental sedation.

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