I have been practising as an implant surgeon, periodontist and restorative dental surgeon in the West End of London since 1996. I expanded my practice into modern, newly refurbished premises at 28 Wimpole Street in October 2010 with several dental colleagues.

My colleagues, friends and family know me for loving what I do and having been dedicated to it for many years. Much of this derives from being constantly in touch with professionals and opinion leaders from around the world who help to set the high bar of excellence in our profession which can sometimes be forgotten in the world of consumer dentistry.

Aesthetic vs Cosmetic Dentistry - what is the difference?

Whilst "cosmetic dentistry" has become a common phrase, it is more correct to call it "aesthetic dentistry". Cosmetic implies covering up, masking or concealing somthing. Aesthetic has a deeper meaning, where the beauty is inherent within the design and natural appearance of the object. It is our objective to provide natural looking teeth by addressing every aspect of what makes something appear beautiful from the start and not just to cover something up with white porcelain.

All dental work to repair damage caused by disease or trauma has a biological cost. WE ARE AGAINST THE UNNECESSARY OR AVOIDABLE PROCESS OF DAMAGING HEALTHY TEETH FOR COSMETIC PURPOSES. Therefore the word cosmetic in our opinion should have no role in dentistry, but sadly it is the word by which most of the population seek information on improving their smiles and is therefore included in this website.  However when restoration is required, we will be as conservative and considerate as possible and rebuild lost tissues, bone, gum and tooth, to a very high standard.

The term AESTHETIC DENTISTRY is therefore preferred to COSMETIC DENTISTRY.

It is in my nature to always do my best and always be open, honest and communicative in all aspects of your treatment.

It is my passion and ethos:

  • To provide expert, up-to-date and objective advice.
  • To provide comprehensive and holistic modern dental care in state-of-the-art equipped premises of the quality and attention to detail that I would desire and expect for my own family and myself.
  • To do my utmost to ensure that every patient feels safe, secure, looked after and listened to.
  • To devote sufficient time and genuine care for my patients and their unique set of problems.
  • To keep abreast of and indeed teach modern techniques to be able to draw on multiple disciplines in dentistry when advising my patients and planning their treatment.
  • To provide consistently a documented standard of work that will stand up to the scrutiny of my peers and which indeed I use for teaching, mentoring and presenting to colleagues from every level at home and abroad.
  • To love what I do and instil the beauty, skill and dedication of what I do in others.
  • To constantly improve.

I set up LCIAD to look after patients in need of comprehensive and detailed dental care to the highest standards.I provide bespoke solutions to look after patients with extensive dental problems that affect their work and personal lives.

We correct shortcomings in previous treatment and put right failed dentistry carried out elsewhere. Patients who have been told very little can be done to improve their situation will benefit from our systematic and detailed approach to their sometimes overwhelming dental problems, giving results which they previously thought to be unachievable.

We offer sympathetic advice and advanced, documented dentistry for discerning patients who know they require a certain level of expertise to solve complex dental problems. I provide comprehensive care to a high standard, with in depth consultation and planning and laying the foundations for long-term success and peace of mind .

We provide a flexible and comprehensive dental service in the heart of London's medical and dental community, welcoming emergency patients and those requiring long term care.

Most people simply want to forget about problems with their teeth and get on with the important things in life. We can help.

Our objectives are to do it once, do it right and help maintain the result for as long as possible.

Welcome to LCIAD.....


Dr. Koray Feran BDS MSc FDSRCS


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