What to Expect from Your Consultation

When you attend LCIAD as a new patient, it becomes our professional and medico-legal duty to inform you of the current state of your teeth, gums, jaws, soft tissues of your mouth and throat and anything else that may be of medical or dental importance that becomes apparent to us during your examination.

Usually this is straightforward but many of our patients have complex dental problems with long histories. It can take a long time to collect all of of the information we need to be able to provide you with a thorough report and advice. This may often require additional visits and other tests such as models of your mouth, records of how your jaws and jaw joints move, CT scans and additional diagnostic work that is carried out in conjunction with our laboratory.

We do everything "by the book" and in accordance with accepted practice. Many patients are nervous or apprehensive so we ensure that we take the time and make an extra effort to put everybody's mind at rest. It is important that you feel we are looking after you (and not just your teeth) and that we work together towards providing first-class care. Many patients are not used to the level of diligence we provide.


Initial contact

Your consultation actually starts from first contact. You will normally have been referred by your own dentist, or a friend who is already a patient or you may have found us on the Internet. The first thing we will ask you to do after ensuring that we have the correct details for you, is to complete our New Patient Medical History and Questionnaire (NPMHQ) online. This is available by clicking the top tab on the left.

Please take your time to provide us with as much information as you possibly can on this questionnaire which is submitted electronically to us through this website. Before you even arrive at your appointment we will look at your completed questionnaire, familiarise ourselves with your case, check your medical history and prepare ourselves for your first visit. Accordingly it is absolutely vital that we receive this form at least 48 hours before your consultation appointment. It may be necessary to postpone your consultation if we do not receive this in time.

ALL new patients are automatically made a New Patient Primary Consultation for one hour. For many patients it is normally possible for us to collect sufficient data during the first hour consultation to be able to give you a written report of what is normal, what requires attention immediately and what may give you problems in the future if not addressed within a given timeframe.

However, for many of my patients, where complex work is required or where further information or documentation such as a second opinion or legal report is required, a second, longer consultation is usually appropriate. This is a Full Case Assessment and will normally take an addiional 1-3 hours to record more detailed data. I will then furnish you with a detailed report suitable for a second opnion or legal report.


Detailed report

Our reports are not simply tick boxes and estimates, but a detailed, personalised strategy for your future dental care tailored to your particular circumstances. That is why it is so important that we get to know you and your particular circumstances as thoroughly as possible.

We do not overprescribe treatment. We only recommend what we would have done ourselves or advise for a member of our family or circle of friends. Any treatment required will be carried out to the highest possible standard under magnification and photographically documented. We provide an environment that is calm and unhurried. Your comfort and well-being is of paramount importance throughout the whole of your treatment.

If you have been referred by your own dental surgeon, we will liaise with them closely during treatment and refer you back to them for your future care including hygiene visits at prescribed periods. We will only provide treatment within the remit of what has been requested by your referring practitioner. Normally we will ask you to come back to us at least once a year for us to be able to follow up our work and ensure that your dental health is being maintained to a high standard. This also allows us to audit our work over long periods.

We should be very grateful if you could also take the time to feed back to us in writing anything that you liked about how we welcome you or can suggest anything you feel that we can improve.






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