The British Academy of Aesthtic Dentistry scientific Meeting 2012 - presidency passes to Koray Feran - 27/01/2012

January 27-28, 2012 for the annual scientific meeting of the British Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry once again have held at Stoke Park in Stoke Poges near Windsor.

The two days once again excelled at providing a forum for debate and learning for the Academy members.

The first morning session was moderated by Dr David Klaff welcomed our colleagues from the United States, Dr Jeffrey Rouse speaking on the nocturnal triad and Dr Terry Green lecturing on the constricted chewing pattern.

Dr Rouse presented compelling evidence to suggest that sleep apnoea or airway obstruction may play a vital role in any initiation of para-functional habits in patients, including children. Dr Green discuss the effects of constricted chewing pattern on the function of the masticatory system as a whole and went through hints and tips on diagnosis and treatment to avoid the condition.

Nikki Campbell from the UK presented her unique slant on the role of craniosacral therapy in dento-facial orthopaedics.

After lunch, Prof Dan Nathanson from Boston both opened and moderated the session that set the scene for the lecture on planning and locution of expert laboratory work carried out by Mr Giuseppe Romeo from Italy, and the world of dentistry under the microscope and the importance of precision by Dr Basil Mizrahi from London.

Quite lengthy debates after both sessions spilled over as the panel of experts fielded an array of questions from the membership.

The evening party was memorable as the first Olympic event held by the British Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry. Expertly run and compared by Patrick Holmes (who is a born comedian) and Rachel Derby (who is a born organiser), the evening was a resounding success as tables pitted their physical skills against each other in an array of Olympic events miniaturised for the confines of the sumptuous Stoke Park club. I was particularly proud of my eight-year-old daughter Aleyna winning the javelin by constructing a paper aeroplane to out fly everybody else's by double the distance!

As always, the conversations and camaraderie spilled over into the Stoke Park club bar until the early hours.

The following morning saw a packed room welcome the masters from the European Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry. Prof Carlo Marinello from the University of Basel gave an erudite and polished summary of the success of teeth and implants in modern dentistry and the use of new materials to obtain the desired results.

Dr Giano Ricci and Dr Andrea Ricci, the father and son team gave an astonishing pair of lectures. Dr Ricci senior, who opened Italy's first exclusively periodontal practice in 1974, showed the potential success of excellent periodontal treatment and maintenance over a period of decades, giving timely food for thought for young clinicians who felt that an implant might be the best solution the teeth that are otherwise saveable.
Dr Andrea Ricci then gave a beautifully detailed lecture showing what could be carried out with dental implants in the event that teeth truly had to be lost. It was an absolute masterclass of Italian style.

There was again extensive debate. Prof Marinello repeatedly demonstrated the absolute values to which we all need to adhere, quietly and forcefully insisting that excuses made for substandard work in dentistry were not acceptable.

The Gala dinner on Saturday night revealed the true feelings and dedication of the founder members of the Academy. Brian Sykes of The Conference Shop who has supported BAAD since its inception received an honorary membership from David Winkler. Everyone involved with running the Academy was individually thanked prior to the mantle of presidency being passed on to Dr Koray Feran for the next two years.

Koray accepted the presidency and thanked everyone who had extended the offer to teach and support him during his career. A special thanks went to Dr David Winkler, Dr David Klaff and Dr Sanjay Sethi for their friendship and support over the years.

The night ended with a casino for charity with the winner of the highest amount of the evening able to pass the total takings from the evening to their respective chosen (registered) charity.

Dr Mete Ucer and Dr Rouba Sbano were also there from LCIAD with their respective partners to participate in the program and the social events.

Looking forward to 2013.

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