Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry for Discerning Clients from LCIAD

We are a leading referral practice in implant dentistry, aesthetic dentistry and cosmetic dentistry in London's West End for patients requiring quality dental care. We offer objective advice in cosmetic and advanced restorative dentistry and pride ourselves on looking after our patients with kindness, excellent communication and providing the kind of service we would ourselves expect to receive from a private dentist in London.

We have accumulated a wealth of experience over 20 years, looking after patients requiring everything from routine quality family dental care and aesthetic dentistry to complex dental rehabilitation and full mouth dental reconstruction to a standard that is recognised at the top end of our profession.

We are passionate about what we do to the finest detail and are known for this amongst our professional colleagues, with many dental surgeons requesting our advice and assistance with difficult cosmetic and restorative dentistry and implant and aesthetic dentistry cases.

We hope you will see that this is a special kind of implant dentistry, aesthetic dentistry and cosmetic dentistry practice. Welcome to the London Centre for Implant and Aesthetic Dentistry.

Cosmetic Dentistry

For cutting edge expertise and advice in cosmetic dentistry, London’s West End is regarded as one of the most prestigious locations in the world. This is where LCIAD have been offering objective advice in cosmetic dental surgery in London to a growing number of discerning clients since 1996. Whether you have continuing dental problems, suffer persistent embarrassment, discomfort or lack of confidence when smiling, eating or in intimate company, and want a truly high standard - we are able to help.

Our objective is to do it once, do it right and help maintain the result for as long as possible. As such we are committed to providing comprehensive care to a truly high standard, laying the foundations for long-term success and giving you the peace of mind in you would expect from a cosmetic dentist in London. This attitude applies to all our cosmetic dentistry treatments from cosmetic teeth whitening, stunningly natural looking veneers, replacement of amalgam fillings with white fillings to fitting Invisalign clear braces and dental implants.

The clinical director, Dr Koray Feran, is the president of the British Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry and sets the highest possible standards for dental work in the UK.

Dental Implants

Our attention to detail during case planning and treatment and the highest possible standard of care possible are factors that make us one of the leading providers of dental implants in London. From diagnosis and treatment planning to post-operative care, you will receive detailed information and 24 hour support for your chosen procedure. Dental implants are the state of the art and an increasingly popular option for teeth replacement, providing an aesthetic solution to missing teeth, be it one tooth or a whole mouth. Dental sedation with one of our dedicated anaesthetists is available should you prefer.

We will provide all of the diagnosis, planning, preparation of stents for CT scanning and analysis, bone augmentation, gum augmentation and all of the surgery and final teeth in one centre.

Dr Feran is currently London committee member for the Association of Dental Implantology (ADI) in the UK and author of the treatment planning section of ARK, the world’s most extensive online implant education teaching tool for other dentists. Whatever treatment you are looking for from an implant dentist in London, we are able to offer the highest level of treatment and experience to deliver the long lasting results you desire.

Full Mouth Restoration

Restorative dentistry can bring quality of life after a dental trauma or failing dental work and help you achieve the perfect smile you have always wanted. Full mouth restoration recreates each tooth anatomically, corrects misaligned jaws and disrupted bites and eradicates the painful symptoms caused by dental problems by controlling disease and meticulously restoring the teeth from the foundations. Specialist attention from our endodontic (root canal) and orthodontic (tooth straightening) colleagues completes a dedicated team to predictably put right everything that has gone wrong.

Before undergoing any reconstructive dental surgery, your needs will be carefully assessed and the procedures will be explained clearly, from initial scan preparations right through to the post-operative care you will receive. Full mouth rehabilitation often includes bone and tissue augmentation as well as teeth reconstruction - we only use the best medical products and techniques available, with emphasis on impeccable disease control and seamless continuity during your course of restorative dentistry to maximise lasting success at every stage.

We have one of the most experience dental laboratory technicians in the UK located within the practice so that we have maximum control of the technical aspects of your case.